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bone ugly curse
An Ancient Evil Unearthed - A Modern Horror Unleashed

For two centuries it lay concealed in a hidden grave, hidden away like a dark secret—a dark, dangerous secret. Two researchers seeking to unveil the mystery behind it find the accursed grave and unearth a terrifying, ancient evil. An old African shaman, using the blackest of black magic, long ago called upon the Old Ones. He petitioned these ancient terrors to send the Zuwat, a powerful evil entity to inhabit the bones of a great warrior. In this way, Bone Ugly, a demonic killing machine, was created. After destroying his village, Bone Ugly was put to rest by the shaman and hidden away in a secret grave. Now, after years of lying beneath unhallowed soil, Bone Ugly is unearthed. The men who dig it up learn sometimes it’s best to leave bad enough alone. 

the girl left behindThe Girl Left Behind
In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye...

For two thousand years, it had been prophesied. The message resounded through the ages by prophets, preachers, and even angels, words spoken so many times and for so very long humanity became deaf to them. But now, at long last, the time has come. The day and the hour have arrived.
Susanna is dismayed and terrified by the instantaneous disappearance of millions of people around the world. She knows what it means and the dire consequences it foreshadows for all humanity. Fear and denial assail her as she comes to the shocking realization that she is 'The Girl Left Behind.'

curse of the vampyr
Curse of the Vampyr
Between the Dead and the Undead, A Girl Cursed by Blood.

After months on the street, a homelss teenage alcoholic, thrown out by her father for her drinking, thought things couldn’t get worse. But Bonnie was wrong. A creature of the night. A vicious attack. Bonnie learns all too well vampires are not just the stuff of myth and legend. Before the fiend can complete his heinous task, he must flee. Bonnie survives only to realize the sinister bite marks upon her neck are a harbinger of a greater horror to come: Befouled by the Curse of the Vampyr, one night she must join the ranks of the Undead. Only the Polish beauty Nadia, a young, modern university student, yet instructed in the Old Ways, can help her. She not only knows of the curse but the one who inflicted it. She knows she must help this poor girl and together they battle this insidious evil. But will they win or be destroyed by the Curse of the Vampyr?

Worst Of All Enemies Is The One From Hell.

This revised edition of Fearmonger features an additional chapter, a prologue and an epilogue that were not in the originally published edition bringing even more depth to this exciting story. Emmy wonders if Jack is falling for her. She might not live long enough to find out. Country Music star Emmy Dawson is beautiful, talented—and in grave danger. Jack Nelson does indeed love her, but a demonic force has other plans for him and wants her dead: She is the only one close to Jack who knows how to free him from its terrifying grip. In this supernatural thriller, infernal powers scheme to control Jack's very soul, to kill the woman he loves, and use that very love for her to force him into the ultimate submission. This brooding evil wants to use Jack as the instrument of humanity's downfall and to initiate a global Satanic reign. And the demon is not alone. There is another entity even more wicked and horrible that Jack and Emmy must finally face. It is the source of all horror, the master of fear. It wants Jack. It wants Emmy. It wants you! Fearmonger.

bone ugly and other tales of terror
Bone Ugly and Other Tales of Terror.
A Story Collection

In this story collection, you’ll find the novella ‘Bone Ugly’. In this shocking prequel to my novel BONE UGLY CURSE, a tribal shaman, using the blackest of black magic, calls upon the ‘Old Ones’ to send forth the Zuwat. This evil entity inhabits a ceremonially prepared skeleton so it may stand and fighr to defend his village. The shaman learns sometimes the Curse is worse than the disease. The sci-fi shocker, ‘The Soul Eaters,’ reads like an old science fiction-horror movie—and a good one at that! Sometimes science goes wrong and people get hurt—and sometimes even souls. ‘Getting A Head In Business’ is about two stockbrokers who use the enchanted, decapitated head of Nostradamus for stock predictions. The head gets a little annoyed. In ‘The After-death’, the professor died. He thought it made for good conversation. ‘Grave Error’ is about Julianna, a rustic woman who thought her husband was dead—she made sure. ‘The Box’ tells the story of a hard-case named Harry. He was so tired he thought he could sleep like the dead. He was right! As we see in ‘The Black Zone’ getting lost in the dark can be a lot more than just scary. A man encounters darkness absolute. The only thing more frightening is the light he finally does see.


dpaddDemon Possession and Divine Deliverance
A nonfiction biblical study of demon possesion.

Demon Possession—the words resound with an ominous foreboding that conjures scenes of diabolical phenomena. The strange occurrences associated with possession have collected in our minds, garnered from books and movies that have exploited the subject a great deal and sometimes to great success. Demon possession is not just a subject of spine-tingling fiction; it is a biblical subject prominent in the New Testament and worthy of serious study and consideration.
Derived from ‘Demon Possession and Allied Themes’ this book, ‘Demon Possession and Divine Deliverance,’ brings forward stories of possession and deliverance as recorded by noted author and China missionary Dr. John Livingston Nevius. The style in which Dr. Nevius wrote his book, while instructive, employed writing and word usage that seems outdated today making it difficult to read. Often, trying to figure out what Dr. Nevius meant is like working out a puzzle.
In this new book, Dr. Nevius’ intriguing stories and useful material, edited and revised, are presented in an updated easier to read style.

tribulation unveiledTribulation Unveiled
A Study of the Great Tribulation

Before Jesus returns to Earth the world will suffer a horrendous epoch of divine retribution. A series of immense natural and supernatural disasters and plagues will devastate humanity and the planet during the Great Tribulation, the time of God's wrath upon the world. Tribulation Unveiled is intended to serve as a kind of 'Tribulation Alert' and increase awareness of the imminent Rapture of the believers and the following judgments to come. Hopefully, by taking the Tribulation plagues and judgments from their shroud of mystery and symbolism and translating them into real world events, people, in general, will more readily comprehend what they are. It is the purpose of this work to attempt to unveil just what those events are going to be. The book of Revelation takes us from the past as the Lord speaks to John and he receives his vision of Heaven, into the present as today's current events are revealed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and into the future with the opening of the Sixth Seal and the plagues and judgments to come upon the Earth. The Book of Revelation is an orderly presentation of the things to come and this work focuses on those events. The entire text of this work is HERE to read for free.

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