A Bit About Me


I’m a native of North Carolina and reside near the Research Triangle area. My varied life experience allows me to bring a unique and richly textured background to my writing and gives me some rich resources to draw upon when creating a new book or short story. Those experiences include serving as a pastor, working for many years as a security officer, training and working as a 911 dispatcher, and working for several years at a small police department as a records clerk. Over the years, I have also worked in various factories, textile mills, warehouses, and even sales jobs. That’s a lot of living to draw from. 
The first novel of mine to be published was ‘Feramonger’ in 2000. It was the first one published, but actually, the third one I wrote. Before that, I wrote ‘Bone Ugly Curse,’ my second novel. It took many years before it was finally published in 2018. I published other books in between. My first novel is yet to be published; I can’t say when or even if it ever will be. I’ve written and published other books both fiction and nonfiction, and I’m working on several new projects.

Thanks for stopping by! Walter Eugene Lane

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