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Walter Eugene Lane brings a unique and richly textured background to his writing. His life experiences include serving as a pastor, security officer, 911 dispatcher, and police records clerk. He has also worked in factories, mills, warehouses, and sales. He is a North Carolina native residing in the Research Triangle area. His new novel BONE UGLY CURSE is available at

What's in a name?

Shakespeare once asked, "What's in a name?" Evidently, quite a bit. In writing and publishing a writer's name is his or her 'name brand' or trademark and something to be protected. I've posted about this elsewhere, but I want to include it here. It explains why I now publish under my full name in case there's anyone on earth who could possibly give a toss.
   As far as I know, I'm the first to publish fiction using just the name Walter Lane. This goes back to 2000 with the publication of my novel Fearmonger in paperback. At one time, I found someone else publishing on Kindle using my name and to make matters worse the books he (or she) published are so atrociously bad as to be literally unreadable gibberish. They should not have been considered unpublishable.
   I'll give a brief sample. I couldn't cut and paste from the Kindle sample pages but I could from the book blurb for the title ‘Coldfire In The Elegy’. The writing quality of the sample chapter is on the same level:
   'Here at the Wide Room you can expect many affairs. Want to take back once again the lifeless? Really does your youngster should find out an essential lesson? Need to travel into a fairy account or revisit yesteryear? Tell you the best thing and we will remember to give your desire! But, you need to remember that everything is sold with a price...'
   Would you want your name associated with that?
   One of the reasons I chose to use Kindle and CreateSpace is I had the impression Amazon had at least a minimum standard of quality for submissions. I hope that indeed turns out to be the case. Poor writing hurts the perceived quality of Kindle books and, to a degree, all who publish on Kindle. This goes for CreateSpace as well. However, I need to mention that, as far as I know, these books were never published through CreatSpace.
   How Kindle allowed them to be published, I have no idea. And I'm not saying this to be mean just to be clear. My name is on those books and I'm sure you can appreciate how frustrating that is. I've contacted Amazon about this but got a sweet, gentle brush off. According to the email I received, they said any writer can publish using whatever name they want. This person has no contact information that I can find so I can't even discuss it with him (assuming it is a him).
   A simple good faith search by this person on Google or Amazon could have shown that the name was already in use. I did that when I first published. Since there was nothing I could do about the name, and I didn't want to be associated with these awful books, I decided to alter my publishing name to include my middle name. I'm getting a little use to it now. I altered my Kindle titles to this name and published my CreatSpace projects this way. Maybe it's for the best; I don't know. Lots of people publishing these days and there may be more people publishing under the name Walter Lane coming along. I hope not.
   Maybe it's a good thing to make my name a little more distinguishable, but it does bug me that I have to step away from the name I've used all my life and let somebody who can't even write a decent sentence use it. If it was some bright new talent coming along, I wouldn't mind so much. But for this guy, it really galls me.
   It's my belief these books were translated, very badly, from an Asian language by computer and the author just picked a western sounding name that, unfortunately, turned out to be mine. I’m certain no one copied my name on purpose. My ego isn’t so far gone as to make me think that. It was an unfortunate coincidence. But I have wondered why they used the name, Walter. It's an old sounding name, isn't it? Seems like the person would have used something modern and cutesy.
   Update: Some months after this, I searched Amazon and Google for the books by this other Walter Lane and I couldn't find them. Seems they been removed. That's good news for me; now my name won't be associated with them. But since I've gone through all the trouble of changing the name on my projects, I'm just going to stick with it, I guess. 

Other Interests

I am a long-time Christian and sometimes lay minister. I play bass and guitar. I hold a deep love for Christ and the Word of God. It is my desire to see people receive the enlightenment that comes only through Christ and HIs Word, and the attainment of eternal life through Him. 

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