The Black Pigs
by Walter Eugene Lane
Copyright 2020 Walter Eugene Lane

The closet door swung open and a black pig swaggered into the room from the pitch-darkness of the closet followed by another just like it. The lights were on and the room was bright, but the pigs were pitch black, even the eyes; there was no other coloration or highlights on them, hooves or anywhere. It was like they were made of solid shadow. Their heavy trod across the floor, however, gave evidence of the substantial substance of these enormous creatures.

The single window in the room adorned the wall like a portrait of suburban night. The window panes gleamed with light from the nearby streetlamp on the corner. The sound of a passing car briefly broke the silence. There was no curtain; the blind was up. One of the pigs stomped over to it and glanced outside moving its big head side to side. It rejoined its fellow in the center of the room, just in front of the well-made bed, and snorted. The other snorted in return.

There was a book on the floor next to the body of a young man clutched in his hand. There was something handwritten on the front cover of the old, battered paperback: ‘property of Punkado.’ It was just above the title Your Big Book of Magic Spells. The book was still open to the page the reader, Punkado, had evidently just been on, his thumb still holding it open.

A paragraph at the top of the left page began, ‘Pigs are the only animals in the Bible said to have been possessed. They became wild and killed themselves. However, that is not so with those you summon. They kill others, not themselves. If you cast your spell and call forth The Black Pigs, beware: the clash of energies that occurs during transference between the two spheres is dangerous and can be fatal if the practitioner is not properly protected. Be sure to have drawn your magic circle with the pentagram in the ascending node and stand or sit in its center before reciting the following incantation. It will protect you from the pigs as well.’

There was no circle or any symbol on the polished hardwood floor. Just a dead kid with two black pigs standing over him. They grunted to each other in what seemed like satisfaction and began eating.

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